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Happy 10th Birthday, Open Source!

Okay, so I missed it by a day.

Bruce Perens published the Open Source Definition on 9 February, 1998

He commemorates the event in " State of Open Source Message: A New Decade For Open Source".

This is a great article and should be read in its entirety by anyone who appreciates Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Two quotes reflect FOSS today:

Quote #1 - The Good News, or the Reason to Celebrate

"Had you asked me in on that day in 1998 how far I thought this phenomenon would go, I would not have come close to predicting the success that exists today. As we enter decade one, Free Software / Open Source is mainstream. Indeed, we are the leader in many business computing categories."

Quote #2 - The Bad News, or the Challenge Ahead

"There are also running suits against a component of JBoss (Red Hat is the defendant), and against the ClamAV anti-virus software (Panda [?] and Barracuda [integrator] are defendants) for the "invention" of integration of virus checking into email transfers.

At this point I don't need to re-iterate the evils of software patenting. That story has been well-told. But it's notable that Open Source is not the only entity that is threatened by software patents. Any small or medium-sized business - meaning any company with less than 1000 employees - is at risk, and has common cause with Open Source on this issue. But small and medium sized enterprises haven't been sufficiently educated on this issue. That must now change."

Happy Birthday, FOSS! And a special thank you to Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds.

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