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Volunteers Needed on Fedora Docs Project
I am reading with concern regarding the great work that three individuals are doing on the Fedora 7 Release Notes: Paul, Rahul and Karsten.

They do a terrific job with the result being best-in-class documentation for each release of Fedora Linux. They are three highly-committed people who work behind-the-scenes to do a mostly thankless job. If things go well, nobody (for the most part) notices. If things go wrong (which happens rarely), they get blasted by scathing reviews.

Therefore, I am appealing to the Fedora community (and beyond) to contribute time and talent to help keep Fedora one of the best community distros available.

Speaking for myself, I am still figuring out how things work with DocBook XML, translations and CVS commits. I plan to get more involved in the process.

I shudder at the thought of any of these fine individuals calling it quits.

Hang in there and thanks!

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