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Wanted: KDE and Xfce Writers

(or The Great FUG Challenge, Part Deux)

Fedora 7 is all about choice. The comfortable, but confining, world of default desktop apps is effectively over.

Yes, it's never been GNOME vs. KDE, despite some common misconceptions.

It's best-of-breed GNOME and KDE apps, with Xfce apps eager to star in their very own live CD. (It's only a matter of time.)

The brave new world of GNOME and KDE live CD installs means that the GNOME-centric Desktop User Guide (DUG) must be transformed into the new, improved FUG (Fedora User Guide).

No longer can Fedora newbies be sheltered from the harsh realities of the linux desktop manager. We must write boldly of GNOME, KDE and Xfce, with perhaps a fleeting reference to TWM.

We need a few brave souls who are willing to put forth their love of KDE and Xfce for all to see.

"But what can I do?," you're thinking.

I'm glad you asked, err, thought. You can

- Volunteer to write a section on the versatile Konqueror (It's a file manager, no! - it's a web browser).

- Explain how KolourPaint is great at resizing photos.

- Introduce the masses to powerful Thunar and the adorable little Mousepad.

I dare you.

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